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Felt – the oldest textile

We typically think of textiles as the woven cloth used for clothes and soft furnishings.  But it wasn’t always that way. Wool has been used in creative ways for thousands of years.

Felt, made out of wool fibre, is thought to be the oldest known textile. For many people, especially those in nomadic groups, it is still a useful material used to make clothing, rugs, and even tents.

For others of a certain age, felt brings back childhood memories of Fuzzy-Felt pictures made out of those colourful pre-cut felt shapes. Sadly, computer games are more popular with today’s kids.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a nomad or of any particular age to join in the resurgence of felt-making as a very colourful medium for both practical and artistic use. The group of ladies who joined me for one of my two-day Creative Felt Weekend courses were able to discover just how versatile and colourful felt-making can be.

Creative Felt Weekend

Felt is colourful and very versatile

The Creative Felt Weekends cater for both beginners, and for felt-makers who want to learn how to make more ambitious felt pieces. And the choice of things you can make is extensive.

The ladies who attended this weekend had the choice of making:
A large felt picture
An upholstered footstool
A seamless bag
A pair of slippers
A tea cosy or bowl
A Nuno Felted Scarf
A warm woolly scarf
Needle felted animal or picture

I hired a beautiful converted barn with so much character in a beautiful setting close to Penkridge for the weekend. A couple of ladies stayed in the accommodation there and Janis had travelled all the way from the USA to attend. I ran the course from there, what a treat.

Six ladies attended, many of them were first time felters and jumped in at the deep end and the more advanced level where they made slippers and handbags. I’m happy to say that there were all amazed at what they achieved in such a short time and all of their creations were fabulous.

Many of these items are also taught on my one-day courses.

For details of the next Creative Felt Weekend and all the other courses I offer, please visit the Courses page where you’ll see many more examples of what can be made from felted wool.

Felt picture of a cottage

Felt picture of a cottage

Handbag made of Merino wool

Handbag made of Merino wool

Felt handbags

Felt handbags

Small felt bird detail

Small felt bird detail


Funky Felted Footstool – Made in a Day

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Make an upholstered footstool in a day

Felted wool lends itself to all sorts of uses, an upholstered footstool for example.

Did you know you can make upholstered footstools out of felt?

OK, so not entirely out of felt – there’s a wooden frame and some foam upholstery padding as well (which I supply on my courses) – but the star of the show is the piece of feltwork that you create in my class.

Felting dates back many years and relies on the natural property of wool to bing with itself when worked in a special way. The resulting cloth is very durable.

Courses are now available

Feltworld Creative Art courses are an ideal way to learn a new skill. You can arrive knowing nothing about felting. At the end of the day take home something that is beautiful as well as useful around the home!

If you’d like to see more examples and book a place for yourself or a friend then click here or on the photo to go to the Footstool Courses page.

A beautiful footstool upholstered in a unique felt design

A footstool made by Barbara at Feltworld Creative Art

What is Nuno Felting?

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Nuno Felted Scarves

Nuno felting is such an amazing technique that will surprise and delight you at the same time. It is becoming increasingly popular as people want to learn fun creative crafts and art forms.

By incorporating a silk, fine polyester or cotton with 100% wool fibres, you can achieve the most beautiful textures that will attract many a comment and admiration.

If you would like to learn more about this technique and come a long to one of my courses, then please take a look at my courses page for dates and information. or maybe pop your name on to my Newsletter.

Regards Barbara 🙂

An example of a beautiful Nuno felt scarf

A Nuno felt scarf

Felt Slipper and Bowl Making

Posted on June 28, 2018 by Barbara under Courses, Felt bowls and vessels, Slippers

You’ll be surprised at what you can make using felted wool!

I love to teach this class and am really looking forward to teaching it again.  My workshops are usually very flexible as I prefer to have people making what they would like to make. I would much rather you make something that you want to use or give as a present. Just ask me any question and I will endevour to get back to you pronto!

Slipper information

We will use the wet felting method to make slippers to fit the shape of you’re own feet.

I am always surprised at the very different shapes and sizes that are put in front of me lol. No seriously, you will make slippers custom made to the shape and size of your feet I promise you.

We will use a custom made template/relief and set to work with my beautiful array of different coloured fibres. We then layer wool to the required thickness before wetting with soap and water.  This causes the fibres to felt together when agitated.

You will be amazed at how quickly you can make your personalized slippers. They make fabulous Christmas presents if you feel the urge to make some for your family and friends. You can find out details of the courses and book online here:

Bye for now 🙂


Colourful felt bowls made at

A selection of felt bowls

A range of felted slippers and a bowl

Felted slippers and bowls

Wet felting a slipper

Making a felt slipper

Warm cost felted slippers being made

Slippers made from felt

Working on a wet felted slipper

Working on a felted slipper

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